Thursday, 4 December 2008

Melvyn Bragg hits the hot spot

Quote of the day, aka “How to get one over on Today’s pompous and self-important anchor man, John Humphrys”:

Trailing his show In Our Time (which immediately follows Today, at 9am on Thursdays) Melvyn Bragg said:
“So, the science of heat with … [names of guests].

“It’s extraordinary to think that until 1700 almost all the world was heated and lit by fire alone. Since then, we have discovered many ingenious ways to generate hot air — John …”

[Noises off: not-so-muffled laughter and noisy protestations from Mr H!]

Time: 8.35 (2:35 minutes into Today)

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The Slow Smoulder said...

I enjoyed this too. It was really good to hear idle ribbing before getting down to the task. Melvyn's programme always gives the atmosphere of people hacking through the topic in a cooperative way. One of the highlights in the week for me.