Tuesday, 25 November 2008

Who knows where the time goes?

Woman's Hour are currently talking about Sandy Denny and her role in the English folk music scene. They started the package by playing my all time number one favourite song in any genre ever* (hyperbole, moi?) 'Who knows where the time goes?'.

While Sandy's version is definitive, I don't care who sings it, I just love it.

The freelance writer/editor's anthem, perhaps? (as in, got to dash now, I've got to work on another project that's running late!)

*And hey, I know a few, having been a singer of all sorts of music for >30 years.

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The Slow Smoulder said...

I once had the pleasure of using a campsite's open-plan kitchen area while the Nottinghamshire Folk Group were having their monthly meet: wonderful singing and fiddling with a rich cultural history. My children and I managed to contribute with the simple ditty Dandelion Yellow and Gold.